Thank you for your interest in the Wellbeing Tribe!

Is your life extremely busy? Do you struggle to find time for your wellbeing?

I bet you are trying but you probably still end up last on the priority list.

The Wellbeing Tribe is where you need to be, not only for your sake but for that of your family.

The Wellbeing Tribe is a platform for like-minded women to connect, grow and thrive.

It is a place where your wellbeing takes centre stage, guilt-free.

It is a place where your desire for connection is fulfilled in a disconnected world.

It is a place where you are inspired and motivated to thrive within your community.

It is a place where you become your best self, and an inspiration for others.

Hey there, are you looking after yourself?

Membership inclusions.

Nutritious and simple recipes. 

Mindfulness activities.

Expert guest presenters. 

Motivational challenges.

Online ‘Bliss’ workouts.

online personal training

Stress control techniques.

Inspirational messages.

Online ‘Spectrum’ workouts.

Meet some of our founding members.


Wants to learn how to find time for daily exercise.


Wants to learn how to feel better about herself.


Wants to learn how to prioritise time for herself.


Wants to learn how to maintain strong mental health.


Why should I join this Group?

You should join this Group because we all need a little guidance and support. In these challenging times it has never been more important to take care of yourself. Would you like a little help prioritising your wellbeing? Would you love to learn the skills needed to be your best self every single day? I can do that for you. No judgement, no criticism, no blame, just someone to have your back. If that sounds good to you, you should join our Tribe.


What is included in this Group?

Monthly fitness workouts designed for you to do at home.

Motivating and fun fitness workouts for your children.

Simple and nutritious recipes that are affordable and family friendly.

Live wellbeing coaching events where you get to ask questions that are important to you.

Access to expert guest presenters giving insight on a various relevant topics.

Motivation challenges designed to inspire not intimidate you.

A group of like-minded women to offer support and reassurance.


Do you provide workouts for various fitness levels?

Absolutely. Every workout can be modified to suit varying fitness levels. You will often hear me provide instructions on how to modify a particular exercise. Alternatively if you attempt a workout and would like to know how to modify a movement you are welcome to post the question in the Group.


Do you provide workouts for kids?

Yes. Each month I will share a workout specifically for children (including those with additional needs) to follow along with adult supervision.


Do I have to commit to this Group for a specific time period?

No. Stay as long or as little as you like! If and when you want to leave the Group, please email me at so I cancel your weekly investment.


Do you do private one on one coaching?

Applications for personal training and wellbeing coaching membership are currently closed. Refer to for an update on when membership will reopen.


What is the cost for being a part of this Group?

Less than $12 per week ($50 charged monthly). For this small investment you get access to exclusive material and coaching opportunities not available anywhere else. Note – as the information provided within this Group is exclusive to Wellbeing Tribe members only, please do not share outside the Group.


Still have a question? Feel free to drop me at line at