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Fitness and wellbeing coaching with Sarah, an experienced and empathetic trainer. Get the results you desire!

First of all, if you are ready to become your best self, you are in the right place.

Have you joined a gym in the past, signed up with a lengthy contract only to actually attend (half heartedly) much less than you thought you would?

Did you ever kick off the year super motivated with a new year’s resolution? Did you lose that motivation after a couple of months and as a result give up all together?

Have you tried following fitness routines on YouTube? Or taken up jogging only to get injured as you didn’t have the guidance you needed?

Maybe you invested in a personal trainer but felt the relationship was less than ideal? Perhaps they pushed you too hard, or not hard enough. Perhaps they didn’t understand or appreciate your specific circumstances and created a program that you didn’t enjoy. Maybe you just didn’t feel that you got good value for your investment.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you are not alone! The truth is, almost 99% of people do need expert guidance and encouragement when it comes to starting and maintaining a fitness journey. Would you complete the activities in the video below without encouragement and guidance?

Sarah knows how hard it can be to begin your fitness and wellbeing journey. Common concerns include –

‘I’m not self-motivated therefore what is the point.’

‘I’ve got no time to exercise because work is too busy.’

‘I’m worried I’ll hurt myself since I’m not strong.’

‘I don’t like exercising in front of people.’

‘I’m not co-ordinated so I won’t be able to do the exercises.’

‘It’s too expensive therefore I’ll just figure it out myself.’

‘I’m too overweight so it all seems too hard.’

Maybe you share some of these concerns? Above all, you should know that having concerns is completely normal! Whatever your concerns are, we will work through them.

Join Sarah’s community to learn how simple it is to overhaul your lifestyle and maintain your good intentions so you feel energised, strong, confident and motivated.

fitnessAs a result of training with Sarah, you will enjoy –

  • weight loss
  • increased energy levels
  • increased strength
  • improved muscle tone
  • enhanced mobility and flexibility
  • better balance
  • improved heart health and blood pressure
  • less chronic pain
  • improved injury management.

Whatever your goal, Sarah will individually tailor a program so you too will see results. Check out our latest Success Stories to see real life results.

Finally, would you love to feel –

  • Motivated?
  • Inspired?
  • Energised?
  • Confident?
  • Strong?
  • Young in mind and body?

If you answered yes, and are looking to find a fantastic personal trainer in the Hills District, apply for a 30 minute trial session by completing the form below. No more excuses, do it today!