Got a fitness or wellbeing question? Check out the below frequent questions and answers (FAQ) to see if I can answer it for you on the spot!

1. Do I really need a PT?

Only you can answer that question! But if you feel you need support, guidance and motivation to improve your fitness and wellbeing, then yes you probably do need a personal trainer. Before committing to a personal trainer ensure they are fully qualified and registered with Fitness Australia and that you have good rapport with them. Ask to meet them, chat about their experience and how they would help you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

2. Can you guarantee results?

No I can’t, but you can! I can provide you with guidance and education to help you to reach your goals and get the results you want, but as I’m not with you 24 hours a day monitoring your every move I cannot guarantee results. I encourage all my clients to take ownership and responsibility for their personal fitness and wellbeing journey – you are the only one who can guarantee results.

3. Do you ever train outside of your serviced suburbs?

If you live outside of my serviced suburbs and are interested in training please contact me to discuss. I have a fully equipped home gym in Kellyville Ridge that you are welcome to train in. I also train Australia wide via Skype.

4. Do you train children / teenagers?

Yes. I love training children and teenagers. 25% of Australian children are overweight or obese (based on BMI). Don’t let your child be a statistic. It is never too early to teach your children the importance of exercise and healthy eating.

5. I have a disability. Do you work with clients who have additional needs?

Yes. I have experience working with clients who have special needs and love doing so. I believe everyone should be encouraged to improve their fitness and wellbeing. Please contact me today to learn more.

6. What happens if I’m sick or something comes up – can I cancel my PT session at short notice?

I understand that everyone gets sick and things pop up unexpectedly. When you give me 24 hours notice I’m happy to reschedule your session. Members are able to ‘bank’ up to 6 sessions. 

7. Do you run group training?

Yes. I run tailored group sessions for schools, sporting groups and businesses. Please contact me today to learn more.

8. Do you lock me into a 12 month contract like the big gyms?

No. New personal training clients are asked for a minimum 3 month commitment. This is to ensure you get a good feel for my training and to give you the best chance to see results.